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History of the Centerville Hustle Basketball Club

1992: Hustle Basketball Club was formed. It consisted of two teams, 5th Grade Select Boys and 6th Grade Select Boys.
1996:  4th Grade Select Boys teams were added to the Hustle Basketball Club.
1997:  3rd Grade Select Boys teams were added to the Hustle Basketball Club.
1998:  Lil' Hustle was formed, starting with six 2nd Grade and four 3rd Grade teams.
2001:  The Hustle Basketball Club merged with the Centerville Basketball Club (CBC) to form the Centerville Hustle Basketball Club.
  3rd through 6th Grade Select Girls teams are added to the program.
2002: Lil' Hustle changes its name to Little Hustle.
2003: Little Hustle's 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade teams form a new sub-division called Hustle JV.
2004: In 2004, the Select Boys teams consisted of 150 boys, the Select Girls team had 63 young ladies, Little Hustle had 122 players, and Hustle JV was 111 members strong.
2007: The Boys Intermediate program was added to the organization. This program was for 7th and 8th grade boys who were still looking to take their basketball skills to the next level.
  Girls Select director Ron Rittinger starts the Lady Elks Classic (LEC) tournament.
2010: Boys Intermediate adds 9th grade, Girls Select fields a record 10 teams, 785 players participate in program.
  Hustle gains official 501c3 non-profit status. 
2011: Boys Club is added to the organization for grades 10-12.
2012 Centerville Hustle Basketball Club celebrates 20th year.
2013 Mission of Hustle expanded to be a "feeder" program for the Centerville City School's middle school and high school basketball programs. 
  Hustle college scholarship program re-named the "Rick C. Combs Memorial Scholarship Program;" six $1,000 scholarships awarded.  
  Hustle partners with Centerville City Schools to help renovate the gymnasium at Cline Elementary school. 
2014 Hustle program surpasses 800 players participating for the season. 
  All Hustle Boys Select teams return to playing in the Dayton Metro league.